Dedicated to the child performer, instilling a love of theatre while building leadership and community.  We work for the kids!

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Thank You Beach Clean-Up Volunteers! Your work made a difference! Euclid Beach Blast 2014

Channel 19 News Reporter Romona Robinson Visits Our New Venue!
UpStage Players featured on evening news on "Romona's Kids"!


Thank you! Your Donations Make a HUGE Difference!
Two ways to make a
tax deductible donation to UpStage: 

1.  Donate securely online by clicking below:

2. Mail to: UpStage Players, 651 East 266, Euclid OH 44123

UpStage is
an all-volunteer theatre group.
We do not require a participation fee to join.
Every dollar we receive goes toward:
1) the production of the show
2) the cast/crew and
3) activities that build team and community for our
UpStage cast/crew and their families

We are thankful for every dollar we receive, and we use every donation wisely.

Thank YOU! Please consider helping UpStage Players today!

Thank you Kiwanis Builders Club! Our collaborative effort with Kiwanis Builder’s Club has allowed our UpStage children to experience first-hand what it means to serve our community. Thanks to this partnership, our kids are now organizing food drives, cleaning litter off our Lake Erie beaches, and performing for seniors and veterans (who cannot get to a public theatre). We have so much more planned. Join us at our next meeting, or call to ask how your child can be a part of this team.

Your Special Needs Child has a place at UpStage Players.  We welcome special needs children to participate in our annual productions. Please talk to Mrs. Bernadette Walsh to see how your child can have a role in our next production.

Where Does Your Donation Go? Your donation will go directly toward the production, the sets, the lights, the costumes and, most importantly, the children.


How UpStage is different than other Children’s Theatre Companies: UpStage Players is certainly unique, spend time with us and you’ll feel why.  But it’s our no-cut policy, our all-volunteer staff and our no participation fee structure that allows ALL who want to be there to take the stage.

Make a tax deductible donation to our next season today!

As UpStage Players begins its 21st year producing Broadway musicals featuring children, we have many reasons to celebrate our 2014 season.  During the past few years, we have introduced an art show, impacted the environment through a summer intern program to clean the Lake Erie shoreline and introduced special needs children to the world of theatre.

This past summer, ten students from our program worked on learning about Lake Erie, then wrote a play that was performed at the Euclid Beach Blast in August.  This was a collaborative effort with the Neighborhood Connections and Adopt a Beach programs.  Our Art Show saw over 20 entries on display opening night, with the talented artists exhibiting their creations from our UpStage Gallery.  This program will be expanded next season and artwork will be displayed at Playhouse Square in August as part of their program for special needs children and their families, with funding from Downtown Kiwanis Club #2.

With our no-cut policy we brought 70 children on stage in 2014 to perform GodSpell and in 2013 to perform Little Mermaid, Jr. Volunteers helped in every aspect from costumes, directing, choreography, scenery building…the list is endless, as are the volunteer hours.  At UpStage, “we work for the kids.”

Even greater news was the announcement, on opening night 2013, that our new home for 2014 would be the Cleveland Public Library on Lakeshore Blvd. in Cleveland.  This branch houses a 600-seat auditorium, which will be the site for our performance of Godspell.  We worked with the library administration to make this dream come true, not only as a performance venue, but to bring back theatre to the auditorium.

Through collaboration we have accomplished much, but it takes more to produce a show.  The cost of each production is estimated at over $25,000, with rights, sound, costumes, lighting, rents and the other necessary costs associated with putting on the show.

Through the past 19 years we have introduced 3,500 children to theatre in a range of shows from Camelot, Fiddler on The Roof, Annie, West Side Story and others, each one a memory in itself.

We hope you will be able to help us celebrate our 20th year, to be part of the show, to create the applause on opening night.  Your tax-deductible donation will go directly into the production, to the children and to the performing arts.  You will help create the memory, the sound and lights and most importantly the applause.  You too “will work for the kids.”
Sincerely, Bernadette Walsh, Executive Director, UpStage Players 

Below is a small sample of kind words from some of our donors:

"UpStage Players really sounds like a great organization.  We enjoy going to theatre performances when we can.  Maybe some day we will see one of your kids at the State or Palace." -Dave

"Godspell is a favorite of mine, so really excited to see your performance."  -Karen

"Your group sounds like hard work- and a lot of fun and excitement." -Jen


  It's our 20th Anniversary!
  We are compiling a scrapbook in celebration of this momentous occasion and we need your help!
We need:
  -Photos of everything: actors, set design, volunteers...they can be digital or prints! 
-old program books
-Scrapbooking materials and supplies
-Volunteers to create a scrapbook starting in January
Click here to send us pics or ask questions!

                                           1995- Camelot                            2005-Grease
                                           1996- Annie                                2006-Guys N Dolls
                                           1997-Godspell                            2007-The Wiz
                                           1998-The Wiz                             2008-Into the Woods
                                           1999-Fiddler on the Roof          2009-Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat
                                           2000-West Side Story               2010-Aladdin
                                           2001-Singing in the Rain           2011-Seussical
                                           2002-Hello Dolly                         2012-West Side Story
                                           2003-Jesus Christ Superstar    2013-Little Mermaid 
                                           2004-Annie Jr                             2014 Godspell

UpStage Players will be celebrating our upcoming 20th Anniversary season at a new performace venue: a 600-seat auditorium located at the Cleveland Public Library’s Memorial-Nottingham branch!  There        will also be at least 250 parking spaces at our new venue.  

UpStage Players and the Cleveland Public Library are natural collaborators,
as both organizations have goals that concern the welfare of children and adults. This combination is a win-win for all who take the stage, sit in the audience and help support either the library system or UpStage Players.

Councilman Michael Polensek, who worked closely with both the Cleveland Public Library and UpStage Players in nurturing this partnership, expressed his endorsement of the collaboration at UpStage’s V.I.P. performance of The Little Mermaid, Jr., in March. “I’m in total support of a theatre group utilizing this great space,” he said. “I look forward to bigger and better shows and performances. Everyone in Northeast Ohio will know where UpStage Players is located.”

Our new venue allows us to peruse new goals over the next few year:
-Laying the groundwork to produce another play or musical during the year—one that would be geared towards and include teens.
-Increasingly look to the alumni of the organization to get more involved, both financially and as collaborators and volunteers. With additional seating and a larger facility, we can now plan homecoming extravaganzas to coincide with performances, as well as work to introduce our current participants to our alumni. We hope that experiences like these will enhance our current group’s overall experience, as well as bring back memories for former cast and crew members, while also allowing our staff and volunteers to catch up with them.

"I appreciate the library’s offer to collaborate, as well as the hard work of those involved in negotiating this move for our 2014 season, which will be our 20th year as UpStage Players. The move is a welcome one, as our growing audiences can be accommodated. We work for the kids of Greater Cleveland.  The value of the arts in a community cannot be underestimated. We proudly foster teamwork, service, self-confidence, self-esteem, responsibility, leadership and creativity, and provide a fun social outlet within the safe environment of a theatre experience. A new facility that meets our ever-evolving needs will go a long way in helping UpStage continue to provide a top-notch experience to the young people of Northeast Ohio.”
-Executive Director, Bernadette Walsh

Click HERE for more info on our move!

                   Our performance at Euclid Beach Blast

"You guys were awesome on Saturday and you definitely know how to hold an audience!  It was really great to see how far the kids had come from the last time I watched them rehearse...and even more impactful that there was a packed and attentive audience who hopefully learned a thing or two about the importance of taking care of our Great Lakes. Thank you again for all your hard work in making this project a reality.  I really hope the program was impactful and meaningful for the kids.  I think it would be great to continue to partner in the future!"
-Stephen Love

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