Video testimonial from our Artistic Director, Carrie Walsh-Hilf.

Video testimonial from Chantelle Jones, UpStage Players alumni and staff member.

FROM: Sarah Bloom Anderson, Ohio Attorney General's Office
Back when UpStage was being formed, I was a child actor experiencing all that Mrs. Walsh and the group had to offer during rehearsals and on the stage. Through the years, I stayed on behind the scenes and held various positions, including as a member of the tech crew, Director of Volunteers, and Stage Manager.  I now serve on the Board of UpStage Players. And although I now live and work as an attorney in Columbus, I offer support from afar and come back home every year and help during the performances. As I grew from a child into a young adult, a college student, and now a professional with a family of my own, UpStage grew too. They adapted and evolved while remaining true to their core mission of helping children love the theatre while becoming leaders and positive forces in their communities. While still maintaining a low (or no) cost to families and a no-cut policy, children involved in UpStage are now invited to be part of a Kiwanis Builders Club to develop leadership skills and serve the community. UpStage also invites children with special needs to be involved, which is near and dear to my heart as a mother of a child with developmental delays. UpStage does all of this and still succeeds in presenting amazing, as-close-to-professional theatre performances as possible with over 50 child actors. This year was a big year for UpStage Players as we celebrated our 20th year and made a big move into one of Collinwood’s under-used resources, the auditorium at Cleveland Public Library’s Memorial-Nottingham branch. This partnership is very exciting and will hopefully create many positive opportunities for the City of Cleveland, the Collinwood area, and our UpStage family. Thank you for your time and your dedication to our community, Sarah Bloom Anderson, UpStage Players Board of Directors

FROM: Eileen, Former UpStage Player

Hi my name is Eileen and I'm an alumni of UpStage Players. I was in Annie and I know I was in others, along with my twin sister Rosie. Being in UpStage was such a great memory for me from the great team along with the many friends I made throughout the years. I am now 25 and I have a soon to be 3yr old who I would love to throw into the bunch. It was also so much fun and gave me part of my personality of who I am today! I can go on and on about how wonderful this group is, and I am a big supporter! Can't wait to hear what play is next and what the future holds for you guys! Good luck I know you will do great things. Thanks for everything!

Video testimonial from a current UpStage Player.

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