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Upstage Players is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

UpStage Players is sponsored by CAC (Cuyahoga Arts & Culture), Downtown Kiwanisand the Children's Guild

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August 2016

We are pleased to announce that we will have an adjustment in the duties of the treasurer for the 2017 season.  Randy Davis will continue on as a board member and as such will assist with duties that include negotiations with the Cleveland Public Library and Music Theatre International.  Jerry Seppelt will assume the duties of day to day operation and budget control.  Processing of invoices and payment will remain the same with Jerry issuing the checks with approved receipts.  Invoices should be given to Bernadette Walsh for processing to Jerry.  Anyone needing a tax exempt form before making a purchase should request one from Mrs. Walsh.
We are fortunate to have had the diligent service of Randy in the past and understand his desire to work with new projects of Anna and Jenna - in his words he will "still be around."  We welcome Jerry to the budget control role and promise not to "bombard him with those scraps of receipts to pay." 
Thank you to all for it is your hard work that makes UpStage a success. 
Bernadette F. Walsh
Executive Director
UpStage Players

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